Movement Education for Agility Handlers

Sport-specific exercise programs designed to help the dog agility handler move more fluidly and efficiently through a course. Improve your balance and stability, learn proper acceleration and deceleration mechanics, prevent injury, and increase speed.

Therapeutic Energy Balancing

Energetic balancing supports quality of life, physical comfort, mental and emotional ease and allows the body to restore a sense of well-being. Integrated Prevention LLC offers sessions for people and their animal companions, combining Reiki and shamanic practices.

Keep Your Training Relevant

To improve performance, training must be relevant to the activity. Look at your training and conditioning components and ask yourself "why" you are including them. If you can answer "why" in a way that is relevant to the activity you are trying to improve at, great! If not, reconsider your choices. I work with a variety of clients  Read more...

What Now? Moving Forward After a Big Event

Congratulations to everyone who competed at AKC Nationals 2013! There were so many great teams who went and I have been enjoying all of the videos posted to Facebook. Inspiring!!! Hopefully everyone has made it home safely and is spending this week recovering from the weekend of spectacular agility. As you rest and reflect, it's natural to start looking forward to  Read more...