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New Year’s Intentions 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What are your intentions for 2014? ———————————————————— The New Year always brings to the the surface our desires to “do more”, “do better” or “achieve” something. It comes in the form of resolutions…that list we make identifying

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Aging: A Reflection of Experience. A Lesson in LISTENING

    This blog post is for Dog Agility Blog Action Day September 2013 on the topic of “Aging”.     In a recent conversation with a colleague in the fitness industry, I heard something that fascinated me. As a

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6-Minutes! Quick Functional Warm Up for Agility Handlers

Warm ups are an important part of dog agility. Not only does a proper warm up aid in injury prevention, it prepares the body for activity by exciting the nervous system. When the body is warm, muscles are loose and

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What Now? Moving Forward After a Big Event

Congratulations to everyone who competed at AKC Nationals 2013! There were so many great teams who went and I have been enjoying all of the videos posted to Facebook. Inspiring!!! Hopefully everyone has made it home safely and is spending

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I’ve Fallen and I CAN Get Up!

Recently, I saw a video highlighting some great things in the dog agility world. It also highlighted some of the amazing feats our dogs’ bodies and our human bodies must endure to play this game. At the time I was

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Keep Your Training Relevant

To improve performance, training must be relevant to the activity. Look at your training and conditioning components and ask yourself “why” you are including them. If you can answer “why” in a way that is relevant to the activity you

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Honoring “what is”

When I talk to people about their exercise programs, I see a lot of guilty feelings surface. Guilt is useless when it comes to an exercise program and this is your permission to let it go! I?d like you to

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