“Thanks for the acceleration, deceleration & turning drills! Now I can move into positions on course that I never could before!”

“I want to send a big thank you to Kristin Rosenbach, on-line instructor of the Functional Fitness II class at daisypeel.com, for helping me learn to accelerate, decelerate & turn using the correct form so that I keep my balance and speed. I’m able to get into positions on a course that were out of reach before….THANKS!”




?Kristin ? I have really enjoyed your fitness class,it has helped me in so many ways, I went to a show last weekend ? usually I am stiff when I get out of the van on a long drive! I got to show site, hopped out of of van and half way to crating area I stopped and thought ?wow, I feel great!?. I guess all those balance drills and knees bends really help :) I?m already looking forward to next session.”




“After a year off post rupturing a ligament in my ankle I was pretty much at a loss as to where to start with my fitness programme. I had input from my physio but beyond that I was stuck. I came across Functional Fitness for Handlers on Daisy Peel?s website and decided to sign up as an auditor. Within a day or so of being in the group I decided that I would upgrade to a working spot.

Kristin has been brilliant, the sports specific exercises are great but she also takes into account any limiting factors or injuries that you have had. I enjoyed the first course so much I signed up for round 2! Sadly this happened right about the time we were moving house and then one of my dogs died suddenly :( It would have been quite easy to lose sight of where I wanted to go with my fitness if Kristin hadn?t motivated me to get back into it.

I highly recommend these courses, I?m now signed up for a year :)”




“10 months ago I made a decision to improve physically. At a loss of where to start I signed up for a Functional Fitness course through the Daisy Peel online classroom. I figured how could I go wrong, the price was right and no one could actually see me. Functional Fitness 1 was taught by Kristin Rosenbach, I can not say enough about how fabulous she has been. Super knowledgeable, amazing attention to detail, and some how even from a distance, really there for you! So fabulous I continued on to take Functional Fitness 2 and Athletic Conditioning, two more courses taught by Kristin. 10 months later I am in much better shape, feeling healthier, and I have learned so much valuable knowledge about not just fitness in general, but functional fitness and how to relate it to my passion, agility. The Athletic Conditioning course has helped me to make a fitness plan that compliments my goals for the coming year, keeping me at my best when I need to be. Many thanks to Kristin for showing me the path:)”