Honoring “what is”

When I talk to people about their exercise programs, I see a lot of guilty feelings surface. Guilt is useless when it comes to an exercise program and this is your permission to let it go! I?d like you to think about why you feel guilty and change your perspective to HONORING what it is that has so much meaning to you. Guilt is a powerful feeling with negative results?but honoring the feelings that spark passion in you is energizing and motivating! Keep it simple. If NOT going to a gym makes you feel guilty, ask yourself WHY you don?t go. Your answer will most likely be exactly the feeling that you should HONOR. Each of you is an individual with your own interests and passions?embrace that and you will find that you are more willing to work toward your fitness goals and establish lasting habits. WHAT you enjoy will change and that?s OK! If you honor ?what is? you can stop feeling guilty about what you ?aren?t? doing and start finding exercise activities that you enjoy?activities you want to continue.

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