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What are your intentions for 2013?
The New Year always brings to the the surface our desires to “do more”, “do better” or “achieve” something. It comes in the form of resolutions…that list we make identifying all of our shortcomings and desires to be something that we presently “aren’t”. I see it repeatedly. As the New Year approaches, there is a feeling of new beginnings and the desire to improve upon ourselves. Maybe goals are set, or commitments are made to fitness programs. Everyone is on board. There is spirit and camaraderie. There is motivation and drive. “This time it will work”. As winter continues and the novelty of a new routine wears off, those resolutions fall to the side for many. We look to others to keep us going and motivate us to push harder to get what we want.

There lies the underlying fault. We often look to others to inspire us to get what we “want”. That thing that we want, that is driving us forward, is a result. It’s an outcome that we are working to “achieve” and we WANT to satisfy that need. The missing link here is the desire…the inherent, natural, self-motivating and defining desire to “be” the process. To truly, completely and passionately “be” in the process of hard work (toward any goal), we must have intention for the moment. Wanting the outcome isn’t enough.

Intention is focused on how you are “being” in the present moment that supports your deepest values and ultimate goals. Intention gives direction to the “now” that leads you to your achievements. Living our intentions is a work in progress and an ever-changing practice. Our intentions are the foundation of our actions toward our goals. Without them, the steps become “to do” lists and everything rides on accomplishing that goal. By aligning our values and presence in the process of becoming (whatever that is), we honor our own active part in any journey toward any goal. We become the process that leads to the outcome and, in doing so, the “to do” list falls away and is replaced with “I am _____”.

1. Clearly identify something you WANT in your life.

2. State your intention in a way that supports your actions and presence today (now). How can you “be” the action needed TODAY to achieve what you want (your goals).

3. Act on those intentions to “be” the process as you move toward your goals.

4. Acknowledge and honor your actions that support your intentions and move forward with the next step.

5. Allow your intentions to evolve as you move closer to your goals. Life is dynamic. “Be” present. “Be” in the moment throughout the process. “Be” the very thing you want to manifest in your life.

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Happy 2013!

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