Integrated Prevention LLC offers a unique and holistic blend of services for the well-being of people and animals through private sessions, events and online classes. Kristin Rosenbach is a Certified Athletic Trainer, STOTT Pilates? Certified Instructor and Reiki Master Teacher.

Kristin’s practice brings physical wellness, energetic balance and spiritual connection together for the highest good of the mind, body and spirit.


In Pursuit of a Gut Feeling

Kristin grew up in Kodiak Alaska and Washington State. Throughout her childhood, she was strongly connected to nature and animals. In relationships with people, she was always very compassionate and her empathy for all living beings was often overwhelming. With a deep sense of “something bigger”, Kristin often felt that there was “something” she was destined to do.

While in Virginia attending graduate school and following her passion for studying the human body, she spoke of that feeling for the first time saying in confidence to a local pastor “there is something I’m supposed to do but I don’t know what it is.” The spiritual path began and evolved quickly from curiosity to a river baptism and exposure to a community of incredible people. The church was never an experience of pressure, but where she felt the most connected and complete was in nature. Being in the wilderness brought her the strongest and most direct connection to the universe and its spiritual essence.

She emerged from graduate school with a resume packed full of experiences she was proud to share. From high ranking positions at schools and semi-professional sports organizations to professional presentations, seminars and teaching, she was primed for the big time. Kristin landed a collegiate job as an Associate Professor, Head Athletic Trainer and in charge of building a Sports Medicine Program from the ground up. Her passion and compassion for the profession resulted in a highly respected program. Her success brought a job offer from a bigger school, a chance to climb the ladder even higher. She turned it down. It didn’t “feel right.” Home was in western Washington, near family, so she and her soon-to-be husband moved back to the Seattle area.

The feeling of “something bigger” remained, but it faded into the background for a few years. Although she still felt that deep connection in nature and when spending time with her animal companions, there was a longing to find “something.”

The world of energy medicine enters!


Oneness in Spirit

In April of 2012, Kristin felt compelled to enroll in a Reiki 1 class. She had learned to “listen to her gut” and felt confident that she was guided to a specific Reiki Master Teacher, Rose De Dan. The classes fit comfortably in spite of the fact that they were outside of the box for her. In a setting that, in a different time in life would have made her feel uncomfortable, gave her comfort and ease. The work gave her satisfaction for the longing to find “something.” She naturally went on to study Reiki 2 and then found herself enrolled in the first year of a two-year training program in Peruvian shamanic tradition. Kristin became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2014 and continues to advance her training in Peruvian shamanism.

It is difficult personal work to open one’s self up to self-healing, to face and show kindness to the spaces in our lives than need to be opened up to the light and nurtured with love. Although ultimately, it is only by healing ourselves that we can help others to do the same. It is only through showing compassion to ourselves and tending to our own wounds that we can recognize and allow a shift to happen. And it is only through those personal shifts that the whole of the universe can benefit from our light. Oneness in Spirit. We are all one and part of something bigger than ourselves. When we can align ourselves with the greater good of all life and bring our most healed and open selves to a space where all live as one we can do great things.

In the summer of 2013, one of Kristin’s dogs, Da Vinci, went missing. It is during this event that everything she learned came into practical application. From grounding and centering to self healing, animal communication and calling upon spirit guides, everything she has studied in the previous fifteen months was on the table, available for her to use or disregard. She made the choice to put into practice the energetic and spiritual practices that were needed to bring Da Vinci home. The mechanics of the search were being beautifully orchestrated by loved ones, dear friends and strangers. Energetically and spiritually, an army of allies, teachers and mentors came to guide them in finding each other. Through the whirlwind of events and the healing work to follow, Kristin realized the energies of the universe at work in the big picture. Writing about those energies, spirits, allies and guides is the “something” she was being called to do. These stories will be told, one post at a time, from a place of gratitude and honor for the universal energies that brought Da Vinci home and influenced a shift toward Oneness in Spirit.


Kristin Rosenbach received her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science/ Sports Medicine in 1995 from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA and attended graduate school at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Cumulatively, she has 6 years of academic preparation in sports medicine as a Certified Athletic Trainer affording her a strong knowledge base in injury care and prevention, movement education and exercise instruction. She is a STOTT PILATES Certified instructor with experience teaching a diverse clientele ranging from adolescents to seniors and rehabilitation clients to professional athletes. Before opening a private studio in Lake Stevens (2004) Washington, she accumulated nine years of professional experience working in high schools, colleges, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, performance centers and professional sports organizations. She has developed and conducted sport-specific functional training and conditioning programs for athletes of all levels.

She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Animal ReikiShamanic Practitioner and mesa carrier in the Peruvian shamanic tradition.

Additionally, Kristin is trained inAstonTM Bodyworks, AstonTM Fitness , and animal communication allowing her to offer human and animal clients multiple modalities of care.

Kristin is passionate about interspecies relationships, teamwork, and educating others about the energetic connection we share with our animals and the value of a partnership with animals.

Kristin has also been involved in dog sports since 2005, including agility, herding, tracking and truffle hunting. She currently competes in agility with her Border Collie, Callie, and Belgian Tervuren, Da Vinci. Cash, her Sheltie, currently prefers truffle hunting, herding, and cuddles on the couch.  MacGyver, her youngest Border Collie, is enjoying puppyhood and has excelled truffle hunting.


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